Food Thermos

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Food Thermos

Much more than a stylish and environmentally friendly way to takeaway lunch to the office, Thermos Food Jars can also be used to cook fresh, homemade meals while you’re out and about. It is the perfect solution for busy modern lifestyles. Food thermoses tend to be shorter and wider than drink thermoses. This is so you’re able to pour contents, such as soup, into the flask—and eat out of it as well. Most have a twist-on lid, which helps prevent spills. Some thermoses will have additional seals or interior lids to keep food safe for further spill protection.

Stainless steel is the preferred material for thermoses. It won’t absorb color or scent from hot food that is stored in it for a long time and cleans easily. An inner flask keeps contents warm surrounded by a partial vacuum that can’t conduct heat away from the flask. An outer case, usually also steel, allows you to hold the container without condensation or burning your hand.

product design challenges

  • Consistency of product appearance with the concepts of power, modernity, health
  • Can be used outdoors and at work
  • Limitations in the design of the product form due to product’s material and the method of producing
  • Inner door for better insulation
  • Maintain hygiene when used
  • Proper placement of the spoon in the inner door

features of the proposed design

  • New and creative design
  • Easy to carry by the handle on the outer door
  • Inner and outer door Insulation
  • Can be used for ladies and gentlemen
  • Fixing spoon on the inner door
  • Air pressure release button to open the inner door more easily
  • TPE material to induce a feeling of softness next to cold steel
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