GNSS Receiver Device

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GNSS Receiver Device

Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) refers to a set of satellites that provide signals from space that transmit positioning and scheduling data to GNSS receivers. The receivers uses this data to locate. This product is most used in mapping and geographical positioning.

In designing this product, one of the most important things is the strength and durability of its body. Due to the sensitivity of the internal components and the possibility of malfunction as a result of impact, the strength of the body is very important. For this purpose, the design is such that the boards and internal components will not be damaged due to the presence of shock absorbers and internal reinforcement walls.

Although performance is important in surveying-related products, the form of the product also plays an important role in creating an enjoyable user experience. The design of the product form is in accordance with the relevant standards and at the same time fits the whole family with other surveying products.

Product design challenges

  • Beauty and form fitness
  • Limitation of device dimensions due to its portability
  • Easy opening and closing of batteries
  • Ease of access if needed for repair
  • Comparable with foreign examples of ultrasound devices

Features of the proposed design

  • New design and formic innovation
  • Proper arrangement of interior parts in terms of functionality
  • Full compliance with the function and dimensions of the internal components
  • Aesthetic Design and fit with other products used in surveying
  • Compliance with domestic production facilities
  • Ease of use and the process of repairing and replacing parts
  • The smallest possible dimensions depending on the size and location of the internal components
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