Motorcycle Delivery Box

Exon Sour Kish - Exon Express (2016)

Motorcycle Delivery Box

Delivery motorcycles are seen in different areas of cities, and they move small and big goods and merchandise. Because of this reason, well-known service brands are ordering motorcycles and especial boxes based on their own needs and demands. Motorcycle boxes for fast food restaurants, restaurants, supermarkets, online shops and other services are different because these delivery boxes are various in terms of form and function, and they consist of a myriad of designs.

Exon service complex decided to order a unique motorcycle design for one of its branches. Ekas design team designed and produced the final design after presenting concepts and initial designs which had various forms and functions.

Challenges of designing the product

  • Considering the required volume for placing merchandise and goods
  • Preventing the product from moisture and dust penetration
  • Showing the identity of Exon brand with form, shape and color
  • Inaccessibility for fueling motorcycles

Properties of the final design

  • Visual proportions of the delivery box and motorcycle
  • Protection of merchandise and goods in the delivery box
  • Pivotal mechanism of metal joints for accessing in order to fuel motorcycles
  • Unique form and color
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