Packaging Design for DOSI’s 4 Liter Bleach and Scale Remover

Pakian Kavir Co (1398)

Packaging Design for DOSI’s 4 Liter Bleach and Scale Remover

Pakian kavir industrial group started its work in 1385. Its purpose was producing knowledge based products which were not produced in Iran or did not have enough quality to fulfill customers’ needs. Designing bleaching liquid and detergent containers is very important because of the sensitivity of contents in them.
The purpose of this project is to design the bottle for liquid Bleach and scale remover while maintaining the identity of the product and innovation in the shape of the body of the container. One of the largest target markets for this product includes Kurdistan, Iraq, and various cities in Iran. In export-oriented products, one of the most important attributes a product must possess is body strength and impact resistance. The overall shape, broken surfaces and the proportion of the upper and lower dimensions of the body make this product suitable for transportation and for placing in a carton. Additionally, it is designed in a way that, when placed on store shelves, customers can easily identify it as a cleaning product without reading the label. This significantly influences customers and, consequently, increases product sales.
Another parameter emphasized in the design of Bleach and scale remover products is safety considerations, such as the use of childproof caps to prevent little children from opening the product. Additionally, in the bottle design, the forms should not resemble food containers in any way. The color of the bottle should completely convey the sense of chemicals and detergents, and the scent of the liquid inside should not resemble food essences. In the design of the packaging labels for Bleach and scale remover products, it is essential to avoid the use of images of fruits and food items. The overall design should not evoke a sense of edibility or food products. The packaging design as a whole should convey the character of cleaning and chemical products.

Product Design Challenges

  • Modifying the form of the Dosi detergent and bleach liquid bottle while maintaining the brand identity
  • Designing a solid form and suitable for transportation
  • Using basic forms such as cylinders for bottle design
  • Design for different user groups inside and outside the country

Features of the Presented Design

  • Adjusting bottle form proportions while maintaining the form identity of Dosi brand products
  • Designing the overall form and proportions of the body for a better identification of the product type and use
  • Proper form and broken surfaces for impact resistance
  • Ergonomic packaging design for easy handling of the product
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