Rectifier Module Panel

Porsoo Electronic Co. (2019)

Rectifier Module Panel

Product design is not a simple process. All costumers expect specific requests from the product designer and design process. The task of the product designer is to interact with all these people to create appropriate and valuable products. The manufacturer is concerned about production costs. eventually, the manufacturer wants a product that is cost-effective to produce. The buyer thinks about the price of the product, its form and style. The end consumer emphasizes the efficiency and performance of the final product. The product maintenance department pays attention to the product maintenance capabilities. That the product parts are easily disassembled and it is easy to diagnose and repair it.

Perso Electronics Company is a manufacturer of power supplies such as UPS, charger, inverter and switchboard. The rectifier module panel design project was carried out in Ekas design studio in order to improve the performance of the device as well as the design of the form.
The new and modern form of the panel, while creating a beautiful fit and gestalt, helps the device to perform better in creating the required air flow. Ease of opening and closing the panel, easy repair and replacement and innovation in the form of the panel are other positive points of the design. On the other hand, all the components of this panel are designed according to the existing standards for racks and rectifiers. The fit and beauty of the air outlet pattern when the panels are placed side by side is one of the important features in the design of this product.

Product design challenges

  • Pay attention to the technical considerations of electronic devices
  • Form designed in accordance with product standards
  • Beautiful and distinctive form with samples available in the market
  • Design based on user needs and ergonomics
  • Ease of maintenance

Features of the proposed design

  • Pay attention to the shape of the panels and how they are placed together
  • Ease of opening and closing the panel and access to internal components
  • Beautiful form design that fits the function of the device in contrast to the technical and dryness of the device
  • Design based on different scenarios of using the device and different groups of product users
  • Making product prototypes in different stages in order to evaluate and test the product
  • Design the form of the air outlet so that the area of ​​the units create the required air flow.
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