Three Unit Subrack

Samim Rayaneh (2012)


Three Unit Subrack

Products which have stable technology and market are mostly dependent on industrial design to create an appearance attraction and different look. 3 unit subrack is an appropriate solution to collect various modular products of Samim group company. This product is a simple, proper and fast system during installation. The performance design of the subrack is performed in a trend which provides compatibility with standard cards’ dimensions (IEC-60297-3). This subrack has a double power and controlling and monitoring properties of other products without an extra controlling card. This ability creates reliability for the performance of modules in the subrack. The main purpose of designing this product is increasing the level of aesthetics with focusing on plastic panel design. Ease of opening and closing subrack doors’ locks from inner parts of the rack, enhancing ergonomic design in opening and closing doors’ locks with consideration of ease of extracting modules from internal part of the subrack are the important points in designing this product.

Challenges of designing the product

The most important challenge in designing this product is enhancing quality of the product in terms of form and ease of using. Our design team encountered a lot of limitations because of standard dimensions and limitations in shaping and forming ideation of plastic door’s panel.


Properties of the final design

  • Increasing the level of the product in terms of aesthetic and formic visions and creating a difference in comparison with the same products
  • Creating form identity in the product to develop it and using identical form of this product in other familiar ones
  • Paying attention to ergonomic parameters of the product for easy usage
  • Changing and improving related mechanisms to fittings of the device’s door
  • Simplifying montage of the product and decreasing the number of components
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