Urban Ping-Pong Table

Mahestan Naghsh-e-Jahan

Urban Ping-Pong Table

People’s desire and their enthusiasm in using this equipment are considerable by the time municipalities of our country Install and set up sport public tools in parks and recreational spaces. Changing spaces from sport salons to outdoors, spending less money, scheduling sport practices without time limitation, visiting friends and neighbors are the reasons which encourage people and our society to do exercises and sports with sport equipment in parks. Generally, Ping-pong tables have simple and practical forms.

Designing Ping-Pong tables with different forms and structures can be an appropriate and determining issue in urban landscape. Utilization of fresh, clear and sharp colors helps to create happiness and encouragement in designing the product which is proper for sport spaces and themes. Also, the fundamental form provides not only strength and aesthetic, but also protects the product from existed vandalism in public spaces.

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