Urban Waste Bin

Meraj-e-Mehrabad Co. (2018)

Urban Waste Bin

In many cities, the hygienic use of the element of urban furniture has led to the fading of other works in the urban space; But it should always be borne in mind that trash cans, like many other components of the city, are exposed to daily visibility, and their inconsistencies will have a significant impact on the physical and visual quality of the environment.
The shape of the trash bin should be in harmony with the environment and the identity of the city. Its color form should also be beautiful; However, these elements of urban furniture should not be a practical and visual nuisance. For this reason, balancing these two issues highlights the importance of the role of the designer. The beauty and visual separation of the product, reviewing and recognizing the attitude of users and the time of using this element of urban furniture and using methods to correct user behavior or encourage them to observe the rules and regulations regarding the product, are among the items that In the thinking stage, design and construction or product selection has been considered. Garbage bins designed for urban space, in addition to the above, have also been examined in terms of ergonomics and anthropometry. Observing the maximum allowable capacity of a trash can in terms of weight to maintain the health of workers, prevent static and static states in the muscles when unloading and avoiding sharp and sharp joints and edges in the product are among the items that play an ergonomically important role in the application. It has a comfortable and optimal product and its durability in the environment.

Product design challenges

  • Fit the design done with the facilities and production constraints
  • Simple form to coordinate as much as possible with other urban furniture
  • Ease of emptying the bucket by municipal officials
  • Ease and low construction cost due to the number of bins required in the city
  • Resistance to vandalism
  • No rain penetration into the chamber

Features of the proposed design

  • Canopy design to prevent direct sunlight and rainwater from entering the enclosure
  • A simple form that reduces premature soiling and the difficulty of cleaning the trash
  • Ease of opening and closing the door as well as emptying and changing the garbage bag
  • Installation of hinges that can be easily and cheaply provided in the market
  • Beauty at the same time that leads to the harmony of the bucket form with the environment and other urban elements
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